Top 8 worst technology of 2022

There is lots of worst technology of 2020. The year 2022 saw huge development and change in the realm of tech. There were numerous new mechanical developments and deliveries. Be that as it may, this year numerous things got really ugly. Here, you can see a portion of the innovation includes that were so profoundly expected and severely missed. It highlights numerous developments and individuals brought into the world in the realm of innovation.

1. Google Stadia


One more innovation deserted by Google this year is Stadia. It is a gaming console. It is planned so we can go to any place and play the game.

However, the assistance was unobtrusive to such an extent that Google had to stop this innovation.

2. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Amazon’s voice partner Alexa, which is presently the most utilized on the planet, lost large numbers of its highlights the year before. Alexa, who used to be performing various tasks, presently just does straightforward things like playing tunes and revealing the climate.

Amazon lost $10 billion this year alone because of Alexa. Amazon appears to have terminated many individuals who chipped away at it.

3. The FTX scandal

the ftx scandal

Crypto cash is exceptionally famous on the planet at present. In such a manner, individuals have been misled by requesting that individuals put resources into crypto cash and taking cash from many individuals and leaving it in another speculation. A key figure included is FTX President Sam Bankman Pride. Presently he is confronting many cases and is in police guardianship.

4. iPhone 14 Plus

iPhone 14 Plus

The telephone has an enormous telephone plan. Be that as it may, as far as value, Apple has missed out. Apple has neglected to promote to buyers what different highlights the telephone will incorporate for such a cost, other than the screen size.

Because of this, the interest in this telephone has diminished as none of the clients need it. Subsequently, this In addition to the display is viewed as the best among the iPhone 14 series telephones.

5. Metaverse


The metaverse is viewed as the greatest disappointment of Facebook (presently Meta). Principally because organization administrator Imprint Berger’s long stretches of strength in the innovation world were upset by this one task.

He fabricated it by putting billions in it with extraordinary certainty. In any case, it doesn’t draw in clients that much. Along these lines, Meta experienced enormous misfortunes and laid off a few lakhs of individuals. This is viewed as a significant mishap in his tech process.

6. Twitter Musk

Twitter Musk

In a major move, Elon Musk purchased the Twitter organization and terminated many individuals. He likewise said that you should pay $8 per month to utilize Twitter Blue.

Many individuals left Twitter along these lines. He likewise tricked everybody by leading a vote depending on Twitter to check whether he ought to go on as president and when the votes came against him, he wouldn’t stop and would progress forward with Twitter until another moron was found.

7. NVIDIA RTX 40 Series GPU


Had this been a positioned list the NVIDIA RTX 4090 would have been the greatest catastrophe of the year. At the point when producers are attempting to shrivel their items and make PCs more conservative, it’s a horrible idea for NVIDIA to send off a GPU that was bigger and heavier than a block.

Everything about the send-off of the RTX 4090 was a catastrophe – beginning from the cost of the cards, to how they ordered the cards at first, to NVIDIA tossing in a power connector that softens while being utilized as well as obliterates itself while being connected and pulled out. Following various incredible years on account of the crypto blast, NVIDIA made record benefits off of cards that were selling two times or threefold the suggested value, NVIDIA was surprised with the send-off of the 40 series.

8. A pig heart with a virus in it

A pig heart with a virus in it

Here is an innovation that is a real forward leap and a hotshot screwup. Last January, specialists in Maryland relocated a pig heart into a perishing man with a cardiovascular breakdown. The organ was hereditarily designed to oppose dismissal by the human safe framework. The patient, David Bennett Sr., passed on two months after the transfer.

There’s no denying that technology has changed our lives for the better. We can connect with people all over the world, get information at the touch of a button and even control our homes from our smartphones. But with all the good that technology brings, there’s also the bad. and this was the Top 8 worst technology of 2022.

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