How to Remove a Hacker From My iPhone? (Problem Solved)

As we live in a digital age, cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Smartphones, particularly iPhones, store a wealth of personal information and data, making them an attractive target for hackers. In the case of an iPhone user, you may be wondering, “How can I remove a hacker from my device and regain control of my valuable data?”?

In order to remove hackers from your iPhone, you must first determine the probable source/medium of the hack. If you install unauthorized apps, jailbreak your iPhone, click spurious links, and more, hackers can gain access to your iPhone via malware.

No worries, though! Using our guide, you will learn how to remove a hacker from your iPhone, secure your device, and prevent future breaches. Our tips and tricks will help you regain control of your privacy and protect yourself from cybercriminals. also read about Best App Locker for iPhone

How Do You Know That Your iPhone Is Hacked?

To remove hackers (if any) from your iPhone, you should understand how hackers gain access to it. There is no reason to remove hackers from your iPhone if it is not hacked.

  • Drop in iPhone Performance
  • Apps You Never Installed
  • Unwanted Messages Received by Your Contacts
  • Your iPhone Battery Is Supposed to Drain Too Fast

How to Remove a Hacker From My iPhone?

Step 1: Turn off the Internet Connection

No matter whether you’re using WiFi or mobile data, you should turn off the Internet connection if you suspect your iPhone has been hacked. By turning off the internet connection, hackers cannot remotely access your iPhone.

Please refrain from using free WiFi networks unless it is absolutely necessary!

Step 2: Update Your iPhone

Apple recommends updating your devices to eliminate malware. In the context of the iPhone, there is no distinction. Using the latest iOS version will keep hackers from accessing your iPhone through backdoors if your iPhone is hacked.

Step 3: Remove Unwanted Apps

You should uninstall the unwanted apps after turning off your internet connection since they may contain malware or spyware. It will prevent hackers from gaining access to your iPhone, stealing your personal information, or harming you in any other way.

Step 4: Turn off the Camera and Microphone

There is a possibility that hackers can access your iPhone’s camera and microphone in order to spy on you. Until you are sure that you have removed the hackers from the iPhone, it is recommended that you turn off the camera and microphone.

Step 5: Change Your Apple ID Password

If you think your iPhone has been hacked, you should immediately change the password of your Apple ID. As a result, hackers won’t be able to easily access your iPhone.

What Should You Need to Know to Keep Your iPhone Safe From Hackers?

  • Use Strong Password
  • Avoid Installing Random Apps
  • Don’t Click on Random Links


Can I stop my iPhone from being hacked?

Use a VPN when on public Wi-Fi

Does resetting iPhone remove hackers?

You can remove most malware from your phone by factory resetting it.

Can hackers see your screen?

Yes, A cybercriminal can remotely access and control your camera, microphone, and screen with malware like spyware.

What is the best app to see if your phone is hacked?

Check your phone with an antivirus or security app like Certo Mobile Security to see if it’s been hacked

What is the first thing you do when you get hacked?

Change Your all Passwords as soon as possible


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