8 Best App Locker for iPhone (Secure Your Phone)

It’s 2023, and your smartphone can be hacked by anyone who knows how to get past your login screen and password. If you don’t want everyone to see your photos or business files, you can store them on your phone.

Several apps keep strangers from accessing your data while also preventing you from accidentally leaving any private details in your email or on the web when you lose your phone or get a new one.

Here are the 8 Best App Locker for iPhone (Secure Your Phone)

What is an iPhone App locker?

App lockers are apps that can be installed on iOS devices to protect private files. For your privacy, you can lock items like photos, videos, audio, and browser history on your iPhone. Similarly, you can lock an app or a folder.

These free app lockers offer storage space and cloud backup for saving important files, as well as a passcode or password for locking these files. Ensure the iPhone app lock you choose has a high rating and is a reliable source. Also Read About: 10 Best AC Brands

Best App Locker for iPhone

1. Folder Lock

folder lock app

If you want a single lock for multiple items, this app is for you. The program protects photos, videos, files, contacts, and many other personal items.

With the Folder Lock app, you can easily transfer items to your computer via Wi-Fi. It makes it possible for music lovers without iTunes to send audio files to their PCs using Folder Lock.

It’s best to upgrade to the premium version of the app for a better user experience. With the pro version, you can protect videos and photos with passwords, monitor hack attempts, and recover data.

The features of a folder lock

  • Protection of audio and music
  • Private gallery with secure access
  • Documents and files are protected
  • Instantly locks all phone folders
  • Sends multiple messages to phone contacts
  • Discreetly records and saves voice memos
  • Using a PC, contacts, and audio can be imported
  • The protection of private items such as ID cards, credit card details, and bank accounts

2. LockID


A free version of LockID offers a higher level of privacy and locks. You can lock anything on your iPhone with a passcode or face ID. Lock ID’s user interface is easy to use and provides 100% security.

This application is for those who love locking their browser history. Additionally, it has one of the best user ratings for app locks.

There are limitations to what you can do with the free version of LockID on the Apple store. A higher version with no ads will give you a better user experience.

The features of a LockID

  • Provides security configuration options
  • It has a very advanced lock ID
  • Locks audio and video content that is important to you
  • Apps and browsers from third parties are locked on iPhone
  • Passcodes, Touch IDs, and Face IDs are accepted
  • Allows users to browse privately without leaving history in their browser.
  • App features are constantly being upgraded.
  • Provides free features as well as a minimally priced paid version

3. Password Manager – Secure

Password Manager

It’s common for iPhone users to forget their passwords. The Password Manager, however, lets them easily generate a backup password.

Password Manager also supports autofill across multiple devices. By using cloud syncing, it accomplishes this. You will never have to worry about losing your passwords again.

For protecting your apps, there is a free version available. However, its features are limited, which is why premium versions are available. If you wish to use extra features like Picture-in-Picture, you may need to upgrade.

The features of a Password Manager – Secure

  • The lock automatically generates passwords and saves details
  • Cloud-based backup synchronization
  • Passwords and private information can be stored indefinitely
  • Face ID recognition and Touch ID are included
  • An integrated search function is provided
  • Provides 235 icons for customization
  • Assumes the situation of a hacker and initiates immediate self-destruction
  • One-touch active connection of email addresses and phone numbers
  • Offline security usage is possible

4. AppLocker – Password Lock Apps

AppLocker • Password lock apps

The AppLocker app protects your iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps with a password. The app does not require configuration since it is easy to access. Launch the app, enter your preferred password, and choose which apps you’d like to lock.

While its free version offers superb features, you can unlock other security features via in-app purchases, such as Bluetooth ID, Touch ID, and Network ID.

The features of an AppLocker – Password Lock Apps

  • Fingerprints can be used to open apps
  • Using this feature, apps can be unlocked once connected to a Wi-Fi network of your choice.
  • When your device is close to your computer, Bluetooth ID unlocks your apps.
  • It is possible to check the last time your locked apps were accessed or used
  • Apps that users wish to keep private can be restricted
  • The perfect solution for Mac users who share their computers with colleagues, guests, or friends. 

5. Black SMS – Protected Texts

Black SMS - Protected Texts

Black SMS is another great app locker option in the Apple store. This app is useful for hiding messages while protecting your privacy, unlike many other app lockers.

There are no hidden charges or installation costs when you use this app on your iPhone. With 256-bit military-grade encryption, your conversations are more secure.

The features of a Black SMS – Protected Texts

  • You can send and receive encrypted messages from your contacts.
  • To authenticate and access encrypted messages, you need a Password or Touch ID.
  • Using Black SMS, you can customize message bubbles without leaving the iMessage app.
  • Sending and receiving encrypted images is possible through your messaging app

6. iProtect Free

iProtect Free

iProtect is one of the best app lockers for iPhones. Its standard template feature allows you to create categories, and subfolders, and personalize your folders.

Password lock is one of the best features of this app. This app is free to download and there are no hidden fees.

The features of an iProtect Free

  • There is no need for an internet connection for the entire security mechanism.
  • For file arrangement, it supports integrated search, categories, and folders.
  • Using standard templates, you can create and edit data entries with a limitless number of fields
  • There are no hidden fees or subscriptions with iProtect
  • The specific icons can be used to personalize records

7. AppLock – Lock Screen Patterns

AppLock - Lock Screen Patterns

You can customize the icon and make your home screen look amazing with this AppLock that secures your apps on your iPhone. The lock style can even be changed to pin, ID, or password.

AppLock can be downloaded for free from the Apple store. In order to access extra features like zero ads during usage, you may need to upgrade to a premium version.

The features of an AppLock – Lock Screen Patterns

  • Make your iPhone look stunning by customizing its icons
  • You can change the style of your passwords
  • You can ensure the privacy and security of your apps with AppLock
  • You won’t find any ads or bugs in it
  • Additional security is provided by asking users a few security questions

8. Password Manager: Passible

Password Manager Passible

When it comes to protecting your apps, Passible is your best choice. In addition to protecting your apps, it hides your media content as well. You’ll get a high level of security, theft protection, and more with the app.

The Premium Upgrade provides some additional features, such as Theft Protection, Premium Support, Automatic Folders, etc.

The features of a Password Manager: Passible

  • The app allows you to lock all your apps, folders, and data on your device
  • Using Touch ID, you can unlock and access locked apps/contents.
  • One-tap access to any website is possible with Password Manager.
  • During shopping, you can automatically enter your card details.
  • The passcode or password can be peeked at with a slide.


These applications allow you to hide all your data, information, contacts, photos, videos, and other things or lock them with a password so that they cannot be accessed by others. Also Read About: Ac for windowless Room

You must use any of these app locks if you store and access financial information on your phone. These app locks can also be used on iPad and iPod touch, which makes them unique.


Is there an app locker for iPhone?

With AppLocker, you just need to add a passcode and select the apps you want to protect.

Which AppLock is best for iPhone?

Folder lock, Password manager – Secure, LockID, iProtect Free, and Password Manager: Passible are the five best iPhone app lockers.

How do I restrict apps on my iPhone?

In Settings, select Screen Time.
Click Content & Privacy Restrictions, then click Content Restrictions. Under Allowed Store Content, choose the settings you want.


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